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Cloud-based solutions for a modern healthcare system.

Inventive Response provides healthcare providers and educational institutions with 21st century digital tools.

We develop digital solutions for all aspects of healthcare. Moreover, all of our products share a consistent user experience design that allows an institution, organization or entity to reduce onboarding and training costs and easily add products into their healthcare suite as the need arises.
We currently offer 3 cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) products that can be accessible from any device: RECES, ProTrainerTool and PROMPT.
RECES: a clinical and cognitive evaluation software designed for Nursing Schools, Medical Schools and Resident/Fellowship programs to evaluate, track and report on a medical professional's performance, at a procedural level, on a daily basis and based on a configurable set of criteria (e.g., technical, cognitive, professional, emotional, etc.,). RECES allows attendings, supervisors and operational administrators to monitor the progress of a trainee so as to promote that which is successful and timely correct that which is not successful.
PROMPT: A digital peer review system of medical patient treatment. PROMPT facilitates the building of a treatment plan that can be sent to 1 or many disease experts for evaluation and annotation of the plan and its supporting digital imagery. PROMPT then facilitates the communication back and forth between the healthcare provider and the peer reviewers until the treatment plan is agreed upon and finalized.
ProTrainerTool: designed for Physical fitness instructors and organizations (gyms) to facilitate online communication of "workouts" and nutrition/meal plans, which we are trying to market to healthcare providers of Physical Therapy and Nutrition guidance.
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