Experience Modeling: Creating and optimizing an experience mapped to a user profile. What? How? Why?

Experience Modeling

Creating and optimizing an experience mapped to a user profile.

What? How? Why?

Experience Modeling

What is Experience Modeling?

Designers aspire to create engaging and desirable digital experiences. Designers study all types of users and align themselves to better understand user's preferences, ways of thinking and their desired outcomes. In the service sector, these tasks are more intricate as experiences encompass the whole customer and end user journey. One poorly executed designed interaction can severely compromise the overall user experience, introduce pain points which in turn waste time, money and resources.
At Inventive response, we believe that user experience is the most important element in creating a software solution that actually works from end user to overall architecture of the software solution.
Our Experience Modeling process
We start every project in what is called a Discovery phase. In this phase, we work to understand what the business and end goals are. In every interaction we seek to understand and ease pain points and create a solution that saves time, money and resources. Experience modeling should always be rooted in user research. This ensures that a designer and a developer have the required foundational knowledge to make educated design and development decisions.
What is User Modeling and what are User Profiles?
Understanding your user and creating relevant profiles for them is one of the strategic priorities of any assessment and evaluation model to prepare a solid frame of reference for understanding. at its core user modeling and user profiles are part of a data mining operation that is explicitly designed for an exploration of the target audience based on specific defined characteristics, goals and evaluation criteria.
How we create User Models and Profiles
We start with a discovery phase taking any existing curriculum and educational materials and conduct on site observations in order to understand what the goals are, what needs need to be met and what the criteria for assessment and evaluation are. We then create a data set and from that, map out the user profiles. The purpose of user modeling and the creation of user profiles is to:
  • Define assessment and evaluation criteria
  • Explore the context of use
  • Describe user strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement
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