PROMPT: Peer Review of Medical Patient Treatments.
Secure SaaS, digital review workflow.

What is a peer review?

For prescribed medical treatment plans of high-risk sickness and diseases, like cancer, it is often necessary for a medical professional's treatment proposal to be reviewed (not approved) by a human committee before moving forward.
The Issue
Efficient and effective peer review requires careful planning, timely execution, results-based action and real-time reporting:
  • How does a medical professional know to whom to send the patient information and proposed treatment plan (i.e., who are the experts)?
  • Scheduling time with all the necessary experts to be in one physical location at the same time is difficult.
  • What information does the expert(s) need in order to evaluate the proposed treatment plan?
  • How can the patient history and proposed treatment plan (including digital imagery and documents) be viewed by the expert(s) in a clear and easy-to-use fashion?
  • How can the expert(s) provide physical review regarding the treatment (e.g., comments, annotations, etc.,)?
  • How do the experts deliver their review back to the medical professional?
  • How can the medical professional respond to the peer review with updates?
  • How do the medical professional's updates get reviewed?
  • How can the entire process be tracked and reported on to provide insights regarding effectiveness and efficiency?
The Solution
PROMPT solves all of the aforementioned issues by creating a digital workflow and reporting tool that can be configured for any medical treatment of any sickness or disease:
  • Medical facility administrators can manage their:
    • Medical professionals by location and specialty.
    • Sickness and disease type experts.
    • Sickness and disease types (e.g., breast cancer, prostate cancer, thoracic cancer, etc.,).
    • Sickness and disease subtypes (e.g., central, peripheral, with metastases, without metastases, etc.,).
    • Treatments by specialty (e.g., for radio-oncology: 3D-CRT, brachytherapy, IGRT, etc.,).
  • Medical facility administrators can map:
    • Sickness and disease subtypes to types.
    • Experts to sickness and disease types.
    • Treatments to disease types.
  • Medical professionals can easily "add a case" based on a templated approach to treatment proposal for that specialty (e.g., for radio-oncology, a treatment plan requires fractions, DVH volumes, target % dosage, etc.,, ). Moreover, the templated approach to treatment is often defined (and different) based on the treatment type. PROMPT allows for this level of configuration.
  • As part of the case submission, professionals can intuitively:
    • Upload patient history documentation (pdfs, images, etc.,).
    • Add additional boost phases to base phase treatment plan.
    • Upload treatment proposal data (pdfs, images, etc.,) per phase.
    • Select to which experts to send the data for peer review (from a pre-configured list of resources defined by the sickness or disease type).
  • When a case has been submitted, each assigned peer reviewer receives an immediate notification by SMS containing a link directly into the case data where they can access the patient history and proposed treatment data in a mobile-friendly, intuitive experience.
  • Each peer reviewer can submit commentary through provided fields and/or annotation tools similar to those that exist for Microsoft word and pdfs and also with tools that allow for direct mockup of the actual images. PROMPT keeps track of which reviewer has submitted their review and, when all assigned reviewers have submitted, sends an SMS notification back to the medical professional containing a link back to the case where the original treatment plan and the commentary can be viewed in a mobile-friendly and intuitive experience.
  • The process of re-submission and review can continue until the medical professional feels they can move forward safely with their treatment plan.
  • All data collected throughout the process including submission times, delays, involvement, etc, can be reported on in real-time and on demand.
Client: Healthcare
Date: September 15, 2020
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