S-COM: Secure Compliance and Operational Management. Saving agency time, money and resources.


Secure Compliance and Operational Management.

Saving agency time, money and resources.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance software that allows agencies to save time, money and resources:

  • Complete tracking of compliance tasks through our intuitive control panel allows for the gathering of all compliance procedures grouped into a single screen, giving users and managers the high-level oversight needed to ensure requirements don't fall through the cracks.
  • Ability to monitor tasks from creation to resolution and quickly pull evidence of completion for handoffs to regulators and executives.
  • Reduce the risk of regulatory fines due to failure to comply with routine activities.
Our software's automated compliance procedure process:
  • No manual tracking of due dates, statuses, and priority levels for individual compliance processes, as the system kicks off activities based on defined frequencies.
  • Ability to set up reminders and notifications to alert task owners to mission critical requirements such as sign-offs, documentation, and evidence uploads.
Facilitate ownership with our compliance software solution:
  • Inspire cross-functional collaboration to completion of compliance tasks and activities.
  • Assist agency users understanding of their roles by giving them improved visibility into the agency's complex array of compliance requirements.
  • Leverage custom reporting features to monitor status updates and deadlines, compile evidence of task completion, and keep tabs on progress by agency departments.
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