Protrainer Tool: Online fitness management and reporting.
Personal fitness training.

Stay connected with your athletes.

Inventive Response launched Protrainer Tool in August of 2020 and is now helping personal trainers and athletes across the U.S. The software as a service is currently being used by a dozen trainers to manage the fitness programs of hundreds of athletes in their gyms and remotely across the country!
The Issue
Personal trainers and elite fitness centers are opening everywhere with the promise of personal training at an affordable gym cost.
  • As their business grows, all have struggled to provide the level of 1-on-1 attention that their athletes need and "have paid for." This is particularly evident when a trainer prescribes a workout of exercises but the athlete does not know or cannot remember how to do and must interrupt another athletes personal training in order to ask the trainer for assistance.
  • As their business grows, so do the number of gym sites. It is, literally, impossible for a trainer to provide personal training to athletes at multiple sites.
  • If for some reason, an athlete cannot make it into the gym, how does a trainer provide the athlete with their daily personal training?
The Solution
Protrainer Tool allows personal trainers with an extraordinary opportunity to connect with their athletes in a personal, efficient and an effective way:
  • Trainers can manage their gym locations.
  • Trainers can manage their athletes:
    • Favorite location.
    • Skill level (basic, intermediate, advanced, elite).
    • Communication methods.
  • Trainers can manage all their exercises:
    • The name of the exercise.
    • The type of exercise (e.g., upper body, lower body, legs, arms, etc.,).
    • A link to a YouTube video of the exercise.
  • Trainers can configure their workouts:
    • The name of the workout (e.g., cardio, cardio strength, upper body, lower body, arms, legs, etc.,).
    • Add exercises to the workout.
  • Trainers can assign workout(s) to an athlete and configure them in real-time:
    • How many sets.
    • How many reps per exercise.
    • Add notes/commentary to the workout.>
  • Trainers can send workouts to athletes via SMS
  • Athletes simply click the link in the txt message and are sent directly to the workout:
    • View all the day's workouts in one spot.
    • View the sets and reps count.
    • View a YouTube video for each exercise.
  • Trainers can run reports against their athletes training programs daily, week and throughout the years.
Client: Fitness. Sports. Physical Therapy.
Date: August 5, 2020
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